Ookami 4 HQ
Soul Data
JP name オオカミ
Dub name
Type Shoot Icon Shoot
Element Fire Icon Fire
Based on Wolf
Soul Debut
Game Power Rangers United
Anime Episode 001

Ookami (オオカミ Ōkami, lit. Wolf) is a soul introduced in Power Rangers United.


Power Rangers UnitedEdit


In episode 1, it appears when Patrick and Jane clashed.


The user turns into Ookami and jumps up with the ball, twirling itself around the ball and creates a dark blue circle, and shoots towards the goalpost.

Skill RouletteEdit

Power Rangers UnitedEdit

  • Shoot Up LV.2
  • Miss!
  • Shibire Plus LV.1
  • Shibire Plus LV.1
  • Shoot Up LV.3
  • Miss!

Evolution RouteEdit

Power Rangers UnitedEdit

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
SP 90 120 150 180 230